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Koch Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

2013 Groupon Testimonials 
"Dr. Koch is fantastic. He gave me a thorough new patient evaluation, recommendations, and adjustments. He was very friendly and took time to get to know me. He also took the time to explain why I was having pain and how adjustments help, as well as recommending stretches. I will return."

2012 Groupon Patient Evaluations 

"Dr. Koch was very knowledgeable and gave me relief on the first visit. I am looking forward to my next visits. You can tell that he truly cares for each patient." 

"Pleased with the amount of time Dr Koch spent - on the interview/history and on the treatment."

"Dr. Mark and the staff are great, and I have definitely felt improvement! I will continue to go there!"

"Knowledgeable and helpful!"

"Great practice!  Highly recommend. Love the non-invasive form of chiropractic."

"An excellent experience."

 "I had a great and much needed visit. My treatment gave me instant relief and I have been back since and will continue to go."

"I had been in chronic pain since an accident 3 1/2 yrs ago, did physical therapy, pain mgmt and even had my nerves burned."

"In 1 visit a majority of my pain was gone and continues to only get better!"

"Very personable/friendly people there. Chiropractic without the fear of the crack!"

General Patient Testimonials

"Before I had back surgery for sciatic nerve pain, I was going to a chiropractor that used a more aggressive treatment. Now that I have been introduced to the Activator Method, I won’t use any other method. It’s pain-free, with no twisting or cracking.”
Chris V., Wauwatosa

“I was experiencing ongoing neck and back pain caused by the stress in my life. I like that the Activator method quickly identifies and addresses the root problem, rather than just treating symptoms. This is a non-invasive technique that is pain-free, and offers immediate and lasting relief.”
Laura C., Delafield

“Being a physical therapist, I like the
gentle low-force adjustments
. By adjusting the spine in a neutral position, the patient is able to fully relax on the table to gain the most benefit from the treatment. It’s helped me with neck pain, and improved my range of motion. I have referred several patients to Dr. Koch, and all had wonderful results.”
Nicole, Physical Therapist, Pewaukee

“My carpal tunnel symptoms have improved dramatically. The constant throbbing pain is gone, and I am now able to work without having a completely numb hand. I like that I feel better almost immediately, and there is no “next-day” soreness like I had with other treatments. The Activator treatments are surprisingly gentle – I look forward to them.” Nancy, Delafield

“A CAT scan showed arthritis in two neck vertebrae, and they suggested surgery for my neck pain. After treatment with Dr. Koch, the pain is completely gone. The Activator treatments were extremely gentle and relaxing, and best of all - there is no twisting or rough manipulation."
Thomas M., Brookfield

“I suffered from daily headaches. It was extremely rare to wake up in the morning without a headache. It was normal for me to take 6 pain pills by noon every day. After seeing Dr. Koch, I am now headache-free!"
Cheryl P., Waukesha

“With other treatments, I was always tense. The Activator method is very gentle. It’s like getting a massage – I feel very relaxed during the treatment. My lower back pain has stopped, and I feel less tense.”
Angie J, Milwaukee

“After a car accident, I had 18 months of medical doctors and pain specialists, each prescribing more drugs - alleve, bextra, celebrex, tylenol, vioxx, vicoden, and some I don’t recall. But I wasn’t fixed!! With Dr. Mark’s chiropractic, my ‘pain relievers’ are history.”
Corrine, Brookfield

“My neck and back pain got so severe, I was taking oxycodone almost daily.  After I started with Dr. Koch’s Activator treatments, my pain has almost completely disappeared, and my addiction to pain pills is gone.”
Pat M, Wauwatosa
“I cannot believe how much Dr. Koch has changed my life.  I used to have constant fibromyalgia aches and pains that even woke me up every night, Since my treatments with Dr. Koch, I hardly ever have pain!  I wish I could take him with me to California when I move!”  
Linda B, Pewaukee
“I used to hurt all over, all the time.  My mother had terrible arthritis, and I thought I was doomed to the same pain.  After only 4 visits, my aches and pains are gone.  Even the neuropathy in my feet feels much better!”
“My neck and shoulder pain feels 1,000 times better, after only 3 visits with Dr. Mark!”
Michelle, Tosa
“I had terrible Achilles tendon pain, so bad I could hardly walk.  After Dr. Koch worked on it just one time, it felt so much better, I can walk without pain again!” 
Mary Ann, Milwaukee

"I have scoliosis, and have lived with aching neck pain most of my life. A friend of mine recommended that I visit a chiropractor, but the thought of all that twisting, forceful bending and pushing that traditional chiropractors perform was of no interest to me. Then the pain became unbearable with numb fingers and shooting pains down my left arm. My doctor prescribed pain meds, muscle relaxers and physical therapy. None of this helped and an MRI identified a bulged disc in my neck. An orthopedic surgeon immediately scheduled surgery and fitting for a neck brace with no other options. To my luck I read this flier that Dr. Mark Koch had written about the Chiropractic benefits of the Activator Method, which is a gentle method with no forceful twisting and bending of your body. Of course I was reluctant to go to a Chiropractor, but at this point it was my last hope for help before surgery. After 2 months of treatment I cancelled the surgery and have never looked back on that decision. I have not had a re-occurrence of a bulged disk, pain, or numbness in over 4 years now, thanks to Dr. Mark Koch and the Activator Method."
Ron – Brookfield