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Patient Treatments

Chiropractic treatments are All Natural 

This means that you don’t have to worry about any dangerous side effects. Pain medication and cortisone shots are temporary and can also have damaging side-effects on the stomach, liver, kidneys and heart.

You get the benefit of a chiropractic treatment without receiving the traditional “hands-on” treatment.

If you never even considered going to a chiropractor because you were nervous of someone being too aggressive or “twisting and popping” your back or neck, then you will be pleased with this gentle procedure. Although traditional chiropractic methods are very safe, many of my patients that have previously tried chiropractic have told me they get the same or even better results compared to traditional chiropractic treatment, without “twisting and popping” the spine.

You won’t receive an unreasonably long treatment plan.

Of course everybody has a different rate of recovery, so there is no way of knowing exactly how many treatments it will take until your pain is gone. Some people feel great after only one or two treatments, while for others it takes longer to see some positive changes. My goal is simply to get you out of pain as fast as your body will allow.

You will receive a safe, gentle, and a very specific treatment for your pain.

Listen, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression and think that the other chiropractic methods are unsafe, because they are very safe. Most chiropractors do a wonderful job taking care of their patients. However, we do have many people who come to us that have been to other chiropractors, and many say they prefer the Activator Method to traditional chiropractic methods.

Treatments are affordable.

Activator treatments are covered by most all health insurance policies, including Medicare. Other treatments, like massage or acupuncture, are not covered by insurance, and can be very costly. We also offer very affordable payment plans if you don’t have insurance.